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"Announcing the winners of the 2023 Hedge Nordic Award" (25 April 2024)

"How hedge funds would trade Red Sea supply disruptions" (January 24 2024)

"Never seen anything like it in 30 years" - Red Sea turmoil (December 19 2023)


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"Manager Tor Svelland after the Oslo Børs giant's krone criticism: - A blow to the face" (September 21 2023)

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"Oil analyst Nadia M. Wiggen leaves Pareto" (June 14 2023)

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"Administrator warns of dollar shock: - I fear what will happen" (May 29 2023)

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"Making the most of the commodities turnaround" (May 15 2023)

"The shipbroker who became a star manager" (May 12 2023)

"Hedge fund boss Tor Svelland bullish on bulk carriers and tankers" (Feb 27 2023)

"Four experts after a year of war and extreme markets: - Many investors do not understand how serious it still is"

(Feb 23 2023)

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"Shipping Hedge Fund Boss Says Industry Set for Another Boom Year" (Feb 23 2023)

"Tor Svelland’s Fund Tops the Ranking" (Dec 7 2022)

"Tor Svelland's hedge fund has a return of 45 per cent this year and he still sees opportunities: - It's going to explode" (Dec 4 2022)

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"To heaven with raw materials" (Sep 25 2022)

"2022 – A Trading Year for Svelland" (Sep 15 2022)

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"Hedge fund manager Tor Svelland on the gas crisis: - Now is the time for settlement" (Jul 13 2022)


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"Svelland takes on shipping as the new energy play" (Apr 22 2022)

"Commodity giants are threatened by a liquidity crisis" (Mar 28 2022)

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"Hedge fund manager Tor Svelland on the Russia sanctions: - The price of oil will rise again"  (Feb 25 2022)

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"Hedge fund manager Tor Svelland warned about the energy crisis - even more worried now: - Serious"  (Jan 11 2022)

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"Hedge funds ride wave in volatile year for shipping costs" (Dec 21 2021)

"Oil tanker market surge lifts returns for hedge fund Svelland Capital" (Apr 3rd 2020) 

Video Interviews

"The World of Oil Derivatives: Who Really Prices Oil? HC Insider Podcast, Live from London" (Sep 14 2023)

18:30-20:50 ; 25:43-27:50 ; 29:00-30:20 ; 36:45-37:43 ; 46:54-47:45

"This is how hedge fund manager Tor Svelland trades now" (Apr 26 2023)

"An Untenable Situation in Commodities" (Dec 14 2022)

"Svelland Capital: Oil tanker demand spikes after Russian invasion" (Aug 24 2022)

"Chinese oil imports have been ‘fairly low’ for last 12 months, says commodities expert" (Mar 16 2022)


Top Traders Unplugged - "Electric Dreams and Commodity Market Realities ft. Tor Svelland" (Mar 13 2024)

HC Insider - "Hedge Funds & Commodities with Tor Svelland" (Apr 4 2023)

Awards & Nominations

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